I want to thank you all for joining myself and the ISE Media team on our journey with the launch and ongoing development of ISE Media. It is humbling and inspiring to see people all over the world actively participating on the ISE platform by registering, watching our content and investing in the platform.

Over time, monolithic power structures have taken control over what we see, read, and hear, and they have weaponized mainstream media and social platforms to take down anyone who challenges their authority. As I have said before, we have not been engaging in a war of ideas, but a war against ideas… until now.

Over 1,500 people have put their faith behind ISE Media, and we’ve now reached $400,000 raised. What is remarkable is how these funds have come from a huge and diverse community from many corners of the world with one common desire: to publish and protect truth.

Your investments in ISE Media are helping to move us all forward in our fight for free speech. In a short period of time we have released high-quality, thought provoking content that the public is eager to see. Because of your investment in ISE Media, we have the opportunity to carry additional original content from a variety of creators and provide multiple new user features.

We’re not only excited about adding new content in the near future, but also about our goals for the next phases of development of the platform. We’re working toward development goals for both incoming content creators and the users of the platform.

Here is what is next in our upcoming development goals for content creators:

▪Phase 1: Onboarding an initial small batch of creators who will be making exclusive or semi-exclusive content; securing more exclusive movies and entertainment.

▪Phase 2: Onboarding additional creators for exclusive or semi-exclusive content.

▪Phase 3: Opening the platform for all creators.

And we also have upcoming development goals for ISE Media users:

▪Updating our commenting system: Ability to tag users; Ability to reply to comments; Ability to like or dislike comments

▪Creating a social wall, similar to Facebook and Youtube

▪Ability to follow content creators

▪A Creators studio for basic editing of videos uploaded to the platform

▪PPV options for creators

▪Ability to tip your favorite content creators

▪Mobile app

▪Live streaming and live chat

These development goals are now moving forward because of the support from all of you. We are thrilled to have the capability of expanding our beta launch of ISE Media to move into a more comprehensive version of the platform.

Even with these initial development goals in the works, I want to note that we are just getting started here at ISE. Improvement and expansion of the ISE Media platform will take time to implement, and in order to create a network of this scope, support and resources are a continuing necessity. We thank you all who have invested in and shared our equity crowdfund with like-minded people who have a passion for free speech.

Let’s keep this momentum going by spreading the word about our equity crowdfunding and many thanks to you all for helping us grow!