Hey Guys,

I wanted to let you all know some exciting developments for ISE and Sovren. In one week, ISE will becoming Sovren.media. Don’t worry, we haven’t been deplatformed… we are transforming into something bigger and better with more content creators.

If you have not signed up at ISE already, head over to https://www.sovren.media/ to reserve your username. If you have an ISE account already, you don’t have to do anything. Your ISE account will be transferred automatically to Sovren.

A big thank you to all our investors! We are truly building a platform For the People and By The People.

Learn more about Sovren below.

Ben Swann

Sovren Launches October 25th!

We no longer need Big Tech dictating our words, thoughts or ideas, because we have built something superior: Sovren, launching October 25th, 2021.

Sovren (formerly known as ISE) is a video content streaming and social media platform that will provide quality, premium video that we will be able to enjoy once again without the worry of censorship.

It will also provide social spaces for users to truly interact and engage, and have free discussion. And unlike other platforms, Sovren will not rely on technology from Apple, Google, or Amazon- we are building a revolutionary community that leaves big tech completely behind.

Click here to claim your Sovren Space

Are You A Content Creator? Join Sovren!

Sovren is made by creators, for creators- and we are currently seeking premium video creators. Sovren will be providing the following:

▪ Tipping option – Fans and users will be able to leave a tip for any piece of content you post.
▪ PPV option – Creators can put their content behind a pay-per-view paywall.
▪ Subscription option- Creators can create subscription packages for fans to purchase.
▪ NFT – Buy and Sell NFTs.
▪ Revenue Share – An ad revenue split between creators and the Sovren platform.
▪ Sponsorship – To help creators monetize, Sovren will match and refer sponsors to the appropriate creators. Do you have your own sponsors?

Great! You can keep 100% of the revenue from your existing sponsors.

Creators have the ability to monetize their content through the Sovren Token system. We’re always looking for free-thinking independent influencers who create exclusive and semi-exclusive content. Be part of something unstoppable!

Click here to apply.