Sovren is revolutionizing premium video, live-streaming and social media while ending the power of Big Tech to censor and control your voice and cancel the creators you follow.

ISE Media has officially become Sovren!

We’re so excited to present the brand new version of our content streaming platform previously known as ISE Media. Our platform is now called Sovren, and we can’t wait for you all to see it. For those hearing about this for the very first time, Sovren is a hybrid platform where social media meets quality video content streaming.

Because of the outstanding support we received during our equity crowdfund campaign, we were blessed with the opportunity to make improvements, add new features, and transform ISE to Sovren.

Thank You To Our Wefunder Investors!

We are so thankful for our early investors who recognize the importance of free speech and freedom from censorship- because of our supporters, our team has made huge strides in restoring free speech and access to quality content. The people have spoken: we are no longer allowing ourselves to be treated as products by these corporations; we are no longer tolerating censorship; and we are in the midst of an enormous shift that leaves big tech behind completely.

This platform has been carefully developed to stand apart from the others that still rely on big tech. Unlike some competitors, Sovren has not and will never depend on technology from companies like Google, Apple and Amazon. We are creating and nurturing a genuine community of content creators and users, and our platform updates have made new features available:

New Social Features. Users have more abilities to communicate with other users and Creators on the platform, and we’ve added more user features including:
* additional profile control settings
* your own full social wall to share posts, photos and videos
* a reply function in comment sections
* following and tipping Creators

Premium Streaming & Live Video. We are featuring Creators who are weary of ever-changing restrictions from big tech, and those who have courageously published content despite being hammered by mainstream media and large social networks while being censored for speaking truth. We are honored that these Creators have chosen Sovren to publish their content. Content creators will also be using Sovren’s new livestreaming service to share live updates and current events.

Content Monetization for Creators: Sovren’s Platform Token. Sovren’s platform token will be available for users to purchase to give monetary support to their favorite creators. A number of mainstream media platforms, membership-based platforms and subscription services are suspending and banning creators, making earnings for their hard work more and more difficult. At Sovren, we want to serve as a solution for creators to protect and diversify their earnings, and make sure that users can continue supporting their favorite Creators.

We will be building new ways for Creators to earn on Sovren:
▪ Tipping option – Users will be able to leave a tip for any piece of content posted by a Creator.
▪ PPV option – Creators can put their content behind a pay-per-view paywall.
▪ Subscription option- Creators can create subscription packages for followers to purchase. (coming soon)
▪ NFT – Buy and sell NFTs. (coming soon)
▪ Revenue Share – An ad revenue split between Creators and the Sovren platform. (coming soon)
▪ Sponsorship – To help creators monetize, Sovren will soon be matching and referring sponsors to appropriate creators. If you already have your own sponsors, you keep 100% of the revenue from your existing sponsors.

Important note for new and current users:

If you haven’t yet signed up, click here to head to Sovren and sign up today; it’s 100% free to join. For those of you who already signed up for ISE.Media in the past, your account information will automatically transfer from ISE to Sovren.

If you recently visited Sovren to reserve a new account, you will need to reset your password. You may have already received an email asking you to reset your password. If not, resetting your password can easily be done by requesting a new password- just click “forgot password” underneath the login page which you can find by clicking here.

And you can also follow Ben here:

Keep an eye out for more developments including top content creators who are joining Sovren!

Thank you to EVERYONE who has helped make our platform what it is today. We are only getting started here- and we are so grateful to all of you who have been part of our journey to become Sovren.