In 2018, investigative journalist and Truth In Media founder Ben Swann announced plans for a platform providing a space for independent journalism, entertainment and other media to produce content without fear of censorship that has been spreading across existing mainstream platforms. Ever since this announcement, the Isegoria team has been working diligently to make this project a reality. We have been honored to receive support and encouragement from our audience while in early stages of development.

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The Isegoria team is thrilled to announce that we have launched the beta version of ISE Media, the media platform of Isegoria. In our first phase, ISE Media will be streaming original content produced by Ben as well as other exciting content partners that we will be announcing soon. This content will be exclusive or semi-exclusive to ISE Media and will not be available anywhere else.

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ISE Media is not simply for the people; it is also powered by the people. We are excited to share that you can own part of ISE Media by participating in our equity crowdfund campaign. When you contribute to this campaign, you are not just making a donation- you actually own a part of ISE Media and have a say in the content and direction on the platform. Owning a part of ISE Media also means that you are ensuring accountability and keeping Isegoria in check, unlike mainstream media conglomerates.

With your participation, you will also be helping Isegoria launch the next phases of the ISE Media platform:

  • ISE Quality: a section tailored for independent channels producing content that has been purged from other platforms. Isegoria may pay content creators to make content exclusive to their platform. Voting rights for ISE consumers may move content from the Quality channels to the ISE streaming lineup.
  • ISE Indie: this section is for independent journalists and content creators who are not large enough to have enough ongoing content to populate a channel.These creators may present project proposals to the ISE treasury subject to a vote from the ISE community. This vertical in particular will help combat the issue of independent media being unable to find a funding mechanism and will help to combat corporate entities attempting to cut off advertisers to independent journalists.


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Right now, ISE Media is open for user registrations. After registration and signing in, you will also be able to follow the available content creators currently on the platform and add other users to your network, comment on content, and send private messages. In the next phase, ISE Media will offer users their own profile feed.

As you already know, the tech world continues to censor and ban quality content every single day simply because it dissents from mainstream narratives. By participating in this crowdfund and joining the platform, you will be directly supporting free speech that big tech keeps trying to silence. Come join us and build a platform for the people, by the people.

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