November 6, 2018
Sam Eaton Co-Founder & CMO


Award winning journalist Ben Swann has announced the upcoming creation of the world’s first blockchain-based 24-hour uncensored news and entertainment network.

During a keynote address at the Free State Blockchain Digital Assets Conference in New Hampshire on October 11, multi-award winning journalist Ben Swann announced his upcoming project, Isegoria.

Isegoria: An uncensored, decentralized news and entertainment platform

It’s no secret that the American public, as well as citizens all around the world, has become increasingly skeptical of the current offering of corporate-controlled news and educational media. Much of the trust issue lies in the fact that just 6 corporations are in control of 90% of media in the United States. Individuals are more eager than ever to access and produce independent news, information and entertainment.

Independently produced media has been vital in challenging corporate media’s status quo, but unfortunately giants like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter have been combating earnest efforts from independent creators producing anti-establishment material by engaging in shadow banning, demonetization, and enacting outright bans, resulting in effectively silencing dissenting voices.

Isegoria is a transformative platform that will bring together independent journalism, entertainment and other media, as it will compete with Facebook’s news feed and the channel system of YouTube, two centralized corporations that are currently purging and obstructing anti-establishment voices.

Isegoria is made of 3 major components:

ISE Live. A 24/7 streaming channel offering daily newscasts, entertainment, docudramas, video podcasts, and independent media content.

ISE Quality. A platform tailored for independent channels. Channels will provide content that is currently being purged from other platforms.

ISE Indie. Independent journalists and content creators that are not large enough to have enough ongoing content for its own dedicated channel will have access to a treasury system. Projects can be presented to the ISE community and subjected to a vote to be awarded funding from the Treasury.

One standout feature of Isegoria is a rewards system for Isegoria’s content creators and users who engage with the platform’s content. All of the content on Isegoria’s network will be permanently recorded on the ISE blockchain, which will free content from censorship and deletion.

Ben Swann: An award-winning journalist speaking truth to power

Swann, an Emmy and Edward R. Murrow Award winning investigative journalist and the founder of the Truth In Media Project and the Reality Check series, has spent 20 years in the mainstream media industry; during this time he has effectively challenged the mainstream media itself by creating content that corrects misleading narratives and offers deeper explorations of issues that affect Americans and people across the world. Swann has become well known for his honest and fearless journalism that has led to hundreds of millions of video views and an audience of tens of millions of people spanning the political, geographical and social spectrum.

As Swann has successfully disrupted the media in recent years by speaking truth to power, he has also embraced both decentralization and the blockchain by becoming the first journalist in the world to create content powered by the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) of Dash, a digital currency that operates within a set of guidelines but is free from any ruler or group of rulers, and operates with all aspects of the organization funded by the network itself.

As an independent content creator, a steadfast advocate for press freedom and a fierce opponent of censorship, Swann discovered the need for a superior service for both creators and users to escape pervasive censorship coming from corporate media giants like Google, Apple, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. With the recent removal of hundreds of accounts and pages that included independent content creators, it has become more crucial than ever before to break free from the tech giants with a decentralized platform that surpasses current options.

Independent media is often difficult to pull off successfully when using “traditional” methods at the mercy of tech giants, particularly when reporting on issues that corrupt corporations don’t want discussed. Isegoria aims to solve this problem by utilizing the power of blockchain combined with a cable channel style 24/7 news and entertainment platform, combined with channel options rivaling YouTube and a news feed rivaling Facebook.

For more information about ISE Media Network, please visit the Isegoria website.

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