A HUGE announcement from Mikki Willis, creator of PL@NDEM1C

As many of you know, my focus for years has been to nurture and amplify media content that allows people to expand their perspectives and sustain continuous learning about the world we live in.

We’ve been proud to bring you fact-based investigative journalism that isn’t afraid to take on the mainstream false narratives. Much of the media as we know it today is narrative-driven, heavily censored, and fails to encourage us to discover a more complex worldview.

There is not a documentary that has been censored more than PL@NDEM1C. This documentary was masterfully created by Mikki Willis and his team, to open a dialogue and shed light on the truths behind the epidemic. It was made to push back on the false narratives that the puppet masters that control mainstream media have been working to push onto you.
Big Tech rushed to censor any and all discussion- pulling the videos from every platform and banning and censoring those of you who shared it.

This wasn’t just a censorship of Mikki’s work; this was censorship of YOU! It is past time to let Big Tech know that they are obsolete, and that their forms of censorship will no longer be tolerated!

This is a point in history where those of us who have been censored will take a stand, team up and push back… and make Big Tech obsolete. So today, I am extremely pleased to announce that ISE and myself will be partnering with Mikki and his team.

Together, we will build a platform that allows a free exchange of ideas, provide exclusive content, and support citizen journalism.

Will you join us in this fight to free us all from big tech censorship? Click here to invest now.


P.S. Below you will find an important announcement from Mikki. Please read:


From: Mikki Willis
Date: Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 10:17 AM
Subject: A HUGE announcement from Mikki Willis, creator of PL@NDEM1C

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for tuning into our World Premiere of PL@NDEM1C INDOCTORNATION last August. Before I make the big announcement, I first want to congratulate you for making history! Thanks to you- the citizens of the world- PL@NDEM1C is officially the most viewed (and censored) documentary of all time.

Part 1 has been seen by over 1 BILLION people. Part 2, PL@NDEM1C: INDOCTORNATION, set a live stream world record with just under 2 MILLION unique viewers tuning into the World Premiere!

As a direct result of the information transmitted through the series, numerous movements have been activated globally. Concerned parents have pulled their children out of toxic education systems to form their own schools. Everyday citizens have stepped up to become health freedom leaders within their communities and beyond. President Trump watched PL@NDEM1C on May 7th and on May 8th announced publicly that he would not enforce mandatory vaccines. These are just a few of the ways you’ve positively impacted the world. None of this would’ve happened if not for your courage to share such a controversial movie series. THANK YOU ALL!

For many people, the sharing of PL@NDEM1C was their first time experiencing censorship. Was this you? Did big tech shame and punish you for daring to challenge the chosen narrative? If so, you’re not alone. How do we the people overcome the oppressors of free speech? It was the late great Buckminster Fuller who once said,

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

The time is now for the people to rise up and face the dragon that is Big Tech! That is why I am honored to share with you today, that I have joined forces with the brilliant investigative reporter Ben Swann.

As one of the last standing real journalists, Ben’s work is revered by everyone who is serious about knowing critical facts. Like myself, Ben left a lucrative mainstream career to better serve the people. He too has been dragged and smeared for refusing to dance for the puppet masters of mainstream media.

“Those who control the narrative, rule the world.” Plato

After decades of mergers and acquisitions, over 90% of everything we read, listen to and watch is now owned and controlled by a half dozen corporate empires.

Where do citizens go to find honest and accurate news? Who can we trust to give us the information we require to navigate our increasingly confusing and chaotic world? Who do parents listen to when seeking to make the safest medical discussions fir their children? What we need now more than ever is an easily accessed online portal that’s dedicated to combating the deceptive and divisive pollution spewing non-stop from the propaganda factory.

Our solution: ISE.MEDIA

Ben and I are now partners in ISE, a new social platform that was created as a solution to the information war. ISE is being created by and for the people in collaboration with some of the world’s most integral journalists, researchers, doctors, political analysts and top content creators. Unlike Youtube and other video-based platforms, ISE.MEDIA offers quality over quantity.

“Big tech isn’t waging a war of ideas, they are waging a war against ideas.” – Ben Swann

Here are a few current and future highlights:

▪ ISE will be protected by state of the art censor resistant technology.
▪ Among hundreds of exclusive channels, ISE will host a 24/7 news broadcast hosted by top journalists who are committed to serving people over profit.
▪ ISE will curate a collective of the most talented and trusted content creators.
In an effort to support and expand the craft of citizen journalism, content creators will have the ability to monetize their work.
▪ In an effort to support and expand the craft of citizen journalism, content creators will have the ability to monetize their work.
▪ And that’s just the tip of the ISEberg!
We’re creating this portal from the purest spirit of service and cooperation. Our goal is to amplify the clearest voices of truth and sanity, to reach, empower and reunite the masses.

Let’s make history together!

Ben and I are asking you to join our fight against Big Tech and Big Media. ISE is currently holding an equity crowdfunding event. We aren’t asking you to donate or give a gift- we are asking you to invest. In our crowdfunding campaign when you make a contribution, you will own a piece of our platform.

We have already had over 1400 investors raising over $425,000!

Your investment will go directly to funding development, securing exclusive content, creating a social media platform that is for the people, and sending a powerful message to the Big Tech Giants that we are coming!

Click here to make your investment of $100 or more right now.

We know Big Tech will censor this so after you invest, please email and text your friends asking them to do the same. We need everyone we can to join this fight.

Mikki Willis
Partner, ISE.MEDIA