Hi everyone!

We have an exciting update for those of you who invested in ISE and have been following our journey. As you know, our team launched the very first version of this platform in 2020.

Since then, ISE Media has grown leaps and bounds and now, ISE Media is changing to Sovren Media. We’re thrilled to announce that Sovren is launching October 25th.

This is a revolutionary battle of Big Tech vs the people; we are fighting back, and we expect pushback from the technocracy, so please share this update by emailing or texting your friends and family.

What is Sovren?

Sovren is a premium video and social media platform built by creators and their fans, holding true to the original vision of ISE. This launch has been made possible with thanks to you- we’ve had over 1400 investors support the growth of this platform holding the same visions as our team at Sovren.

At the same time, Sovren is also a space for millions of free-thinking individuals to engage in meaningful dialogue and self-expression without fear of censorship, and see high-quality content from creators without Big Tech deciding what you are allowed to see.

Unlike other platforms, Sovren will not rely on Big Tech. This means no Apple, no Google, no Amazon… no tech that can censor and deplatform Sovren.

For users, Sovren has easy to understand terms of service that is dedicated to the free expression of the individual- free from censorship of the tech overlords

  • Space – Your no-algorithm feed where you’ll see every post made by everyone you follow.
  • Streaming: Premium videos from Sovren’s top creators.
  • Live – Stream anywhere, live, to your followers.
  • Circles – Groups where like-minded individuals can interact and share ideas.
  • Stacks – Articles that creators can easily make with our custom editor.

Sovren is currently seeking premium video creators, offering the following:

  • Tipping option – Fans and users will be able to leave a tip for any piece of content you post.
  • PPV option – Creators can put their content behind a pay-per-view paywall.
  • Subscription option- Creators can create subscription packages for fans to purchase.
  • NFT – Buy and Sell NFTs.
  • Revenue Share – An ad revenue split between creators and the Sovren platform.
  • Sponsorship – To help creators monetize, Sovren will match and refer sponsors to the appropriate creators. Do you have your own sponsors? Great! You can keep 100% of the revenue from your existing sponsors.

Make sure to reserve your space now at https://sovren.media/ and let your friends and family know that there is now a space for quality content and truly free expression.

Note: If you have already signed up at ISE.media your account has automatically been reserved.

The team at Sovren want to thank all of you who have supported this platform since its beginning, and we are so excited to expand to more creators and users.

Ben Swann, CEO