Isegoria founder and CEO Ben Swann was recently interviewed by Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media at last week’s North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, Florida. During the interview, Swann and¬†Sigurdson talk about the ongoing removal of independent media from platforms including Facebook and Twitter, and Swann explained how Isegoria aims to solve this persistent issue.

Sigurdson, an independent news creator, shares his concerns with Swann about continuous censorship of his fellow publishers, and Swann describes how Isegoria seeks to provide a 24-hour streaming news network as well as a channel system for independent creators to freely publish their original content. Swann also explains plans for a treasury system within Isegoria to allow creators the opportunity to obtain funding for their content.

Many thanks to Sigurdson for the chance to discuss the importance of preserving the livelihood of independent media and Isegoria’s mission to facilitate this goal.

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