Isegoria founder and CEO Ben Swann appeared on The Crypto Show with hosts Danny Sessom and Chuck Williams to talk about censorship, mainstream media groupthink, and the unique relationship between cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and decentralization of media, leading to a deeper discussion of the upcoming Isegoria platform.

In this interview, Swann shares his background in traditional and independent media and his early days in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Swann, Sessom and Williams touch upon how the mainstream media has a stronghold on manipulating public opinion through censorship and controlling the flow of free information, including the recent elimination of hundreds of Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.

“I think there are hundreds of millions of people who truly, actually believe in freedom,” Swann says. “The problem,” Swann adds, is that in order for corporate media to “keep those people divided from each other,” these institutions “have to control the narratives that they hear, and you have to control what they’re seeing, you have to control how they feel about each other. And a small minority of authoritarians are actually controlling I think a very large, large population of freedom-loving people not just here in the U.S. but around the world.”

Swann also dives into the specifics of the Isegoria project, explaining his vision for the platform and detailing its layout. Swann says the goal of Isegoria is to be “a conduit for change where we can expose systems and things within our culture that are holding us back.”

Many thanks to Sessom, Williams, and the Dash network for the opportunity to discuss Isegoria and the disruption of mainstream media.